MeGa MoCap - "Negotiating Obstables" Bundle

MeGa MoCap V2This bundle: 26 Motions | $26. Walk into a room, and negotiate an obstacle by walking over it, around it, every which way.
  • aging male run over block
  • brisk female jog over block
  • brisk female over block
  • brisk female over block2
  • brisk male on&off block
  • brisk male over block
  • brisk strident female over block
  • cautious female off block
  • cautious male off block
  • comedy m or f sprint over block
  • depressed male on&off block
  • depressed male over block
  • jogging female over block
  • musical female off block
  • neutral female longer pause
  • neutral female over block
  • neutral female pause on block
  • neutral male over block
  • neutral male pause on block
  • quick m or f waddle over block
  • saunter female over block
  • saunter male over block
  • sauntering female over block
  • sauntering male over block
  • sauntering strident female over block
  • strident female over block
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